Sunday, 20 July 2014

A Limerick: Neon Poetry Day 7

It’s doggerel day at the Neon Poetry Project, and the featured poem is a limerick.

(A man from Nantucket.)

This project is all about celebrating all forms of bicycle-themed poetry, low and high, but it's especially about earning your donation to the MS Society in preparation for the MS Bike Tour, which is only six days away! So far, I've raised $320. Consider going to my fundraising page soon if you want to help out.

(Androids don't understand limericks either.)

So here's today's poem. Enjoy!

The Cyclist From Minto

There once was a cyclist from Minto
whose calves were the size of Ford Pintos.
When he strikes a pose
in neon lederhose
all propriety's thrown out the window.